Montana Snowmobile Rental

‘Send it’ with the best snowmobile rentals in Bozeman, Montana

Pick from screaming-fast modded turbo snowmobiles, top-of-the-line pow-climbers, or capable trail sleds

Explore the best trails in Bozeman’s mountain backcountry with an electric-start trail snowmobile or up the octane and set new highmarks with our powerful, state-of-the-art mountain sleds.

Tell us a little about your skill level and what will make a day of riding awesome for you and we’ll match you to the perfect sled and riding area.

Mountain Snowmobile Rentals

Hound the powder on sleds born for the backcountry. Prices include helmets, avalanche beacons, probe, shovel and backpack.

Ski-Doo Summit 850 Expert w/ Boondocker Turbo

Rate: $300/day

Ski-Doo’s most dialed in backcountry snowmobile just got a little better thanks to Boondocker’s Turbo. Incredible power, fun manoeuvrability and with no lag makes this dream machine a must-try. Experienced riders only!

Rate: $350/day

You can now RENT the first factory-built 2-stroke turbocharged sled. This baby puts out 165 HP up to 8,000 feet of elevation and will maintain a 40-HP advantage compared to normally aspirated 850s. For experienced riders only! Must call to book.

Polaris 800 Axys Pro RMK 163 montana snowmobile rental

Rate: $300/day

The ultimate backcountry dream machine. Extremely specialized for deep-pow shredding so you can access the most remote play areas in Bozeman’s mountain playground. For experienced backcountry riders only.

Ski Doo Summit 850 154 montana snowmobile rental

Rate: $300/day

For experienced riders only! The highest peaks, steepest slopes and deepest powder just got a little bit easier with this turbo-charged monster. Beware, after a little taste of turbo you’ll never want to ride a stock machine again.


Rate: $250/day or $225/day with 3 days or more

The name says it all, “expert” so make sure you’ve had plenty of rides under your belt before hopping on this. Built for a better deep-snow experience with a lower seat height, shorter riser, smaller diameter handlebars and low handlebar strap for the ultimate advantage in deep snow.

Rate: $250/day or $225/day with 3 days or more

Make sure you have plenty of riding experience before you rent this Snowcheck Exclusive snowmobile. Powered by the 850 Patriot engine and supposedly offers the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry. Loaded with the PRO-RMK react suspension and Walker Evan velocity shocks.

Polaris Axys 850 Pro RMK montana snowmobile rental

Rate: $230/day or $207/day with 3 days or more

The latest, greatest, baddest stock machine Polaris has offered to date. Take your riding to the next level with the new 850 engine on a lightweight chassis that will let you climb like no other.

Ski Doo Summit 850 154 montana snowmobile rental

Rate: $230/day or $207/day with 3 days or more

Save your energy for a full day’s riding with this machine that makes even the most technical boondocking feel effortless. Sick responsiveness and power to help you send it in the backcountry. Available in two track lengths.

M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One montana snowmobile rental

Rate: $230/day or $207/day with 3 days or more

This wickedly nimble platform will let you shred with Arctic Cat’s brand-new single beam rear suspension. The monorail technology makes the sled more ‘flickable’ for tight turns and high maneuverability. A must-try!

Trail Snowmobile Rentals

Stick to the trail with beginner-friendly, reliable, safety-enhanced snowmobiles. Prices include helmets.

Rate: $200/day or $180/day with 3 days or more

Two can enjoy a mountainous trail ride in comfort and reliability with an electric start that makes this snowmobile perfect for beginners. Don’t forget to add an otter sled to your cart if you plan on staying in a backcountry cabin!

Rate: $200/day or $180/day w/ 3 days of more

Brand new 2020 REV Gen4 model brings an incredibly reliable and comfortable snowmobile for two.  Electric start, responsive on and off trail handling makes this a rental dream machine. Yellowstone Park approved!


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