Sea-Doo GTI (3 riders)

Sea-Doo GTI Montana ATV Rentals

Sea-Doo GTI (3 riders)

Rate: $230/day or $207/day with 3 days or more

Massive power and stability make this the perfect hauler for wakeboarding, waterskiing or even tubing. All the fun without sacrificing style.

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Benefits of renting this model:

  • Reboarding ladder and rear deck area make wakeboarding or other towing sports easier
  • Touring seat allows 3 riders to share a ride comfortably
  • A huge 30.8 gallon storage space helps you get the most of your day
  • Variable trim system lets you adjust nose higher for better high-speed stability or lower for towing and quick starts

Sea-Doo rentals include the following:

  • Life jackets

Designed to be the easiest rental process in the business, getting you into the mountains as quickly as possible.

All you need to do on rental day is show up, hook up, load up and head out.

  • Check availability using our simple online scheduling tool, or call in to (406) 581-5086 if you’re riding today or tomorrow or just want the best advice for your riding style.
  • Fill out your paperwork online to get a jumpstart on your rental day.
  • Our shop isn’t at a lake, so you’ll need to rent a trailer to haul your equipment yourself or opt for us to deliver them to your chosen lake for an additional fee.
  • If you’re renting a trailer, we’ll have the Sea-Doos pre-loaded, filled with gas and pre-staged. You’ll be able to hook up and head out as soon as you want.
  • If you’d prefer we deliver, let us know which lake to meet you at (Ask us for suggestions at (406) 581-5086. We are riders who know the area well!)
  • Must be 25 or older with a valid driver’s license to rent
  • Earliest pickup time is 8 a.m.
  • Latest drop-off time is 5 p.m.
  • Rentals come with a full tank and are required to come back full
  • Cancel within 48 hours of rental to apply deposit to a future rental



Rental Insurance

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Price includes lifejackets



From open 1- or 2-place trailers to 4-place enclosed trailers available.

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Starting at $75

We’ll drive your machines to the lake, or just take them to you at your home, campground or hotel so you can hook up and head out from there.

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$50/day for most rentals

Worried that you might not bring your machine back as shiny and new as it leaves? Insurance may be a good bet. This $2,000-deductible insurance covers all damage beyond $2,000 to your machine.

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