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Winter Details

Season: December 15th – April 15th

We have a variety of Polaris snowmobile and ride time options to choose from. All our equipment is brand new! Reserve using our easy booking process to hit the trails and ride.

1. CHOOSE your Big Sky snowmobile rental from our selection below.
2. BOOK online through our secure online booking system or call us at (406) 581-5086.. We STRONGLY encourage you to book ahead as our sled rentals often sell out.
3. CHECK IN on the day of your rental at the Corral Bar, Steakhouse & Motel in Big Sky. Please arrive 45 minutes before your rental time. Find directions here. You will pick up your sled here and can hit the trails right from the parking lot!

Ride Times :

  • Full-Day Rental :           
    • 8:30AM – 4:00PM
  • 4-Hour Rental Time Slots :           
    • 9AM – 1PM
    • 10AM – 2PM
    • 11AM – 3PM
  • 2-Hour Rental Time Slots :
    • 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
    • 10:30 AM – 12:30PM
    • Noon – 2pm

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montana snowmobile rentals polaris 650 matryx Indy VR1


Polaris 650 Matryx Indy VR1

2- & 4-hour or full-day rides | Beginner-friendly

Rates: $175/2hrs, $225/4hrs, $275/full day

Equipped with a 7S display screen with Ride Command (GPS) for easy navigating and use vehicle-to-vehicle tracking so you never lose anyone in your group.  Seats one rider.


Polaris 650 Matryx Indy 2UP

2- & 4-Hour Or Full-Day Rides | Beginner-Friendly

Rates: $200/2hrs, $250/4hrs, $300/full day

Equipped with a 7S display screen with Ride Command and vehicle-to-vehicle tracking so you never lose anyone in your group.  Spaciously seats two people and the passenger can ride in comfort with heated hand grips!

montana snowmobile rentals polaris 850 RMK Khaos 165”


Polaris 850 Pro RMK 155″ or Khaos 165”

4-hour or full-day rides | Experienced riders only

Rates: $250/4hrs, $325/full day

Make sure you have plenty of riding experience before you rent this Snowcheck Exclusive snowmobile. Powered by the 850 Patriot engine and this sled offers the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry. Loaded with the PRO-RMK react suspension and Walker Evan velocity shocks.

Rates include insurance w/ a $3,000 deductible.  We also offer the option to upgrade to premier protection for $15/machine, which brings the deductible down to $1,500. Rates do not include MT 4% resort tax, or the cost of fuel used during the ride.


Rent your Snowmobile from our location at the Corral Bar, Steakhouse & Motel.

This easy-to-access, Big Sky location houses our snowmobile rental fleet. The Corral Bar features parking and trails heading right out the back door. You couldn’t wish for an easier way to kick off your Montana snowmobiling adventure.

The added bonus of burgers and beers greets you on your return, or just make a reservation at the Motel and make a multi-day adventure out of your time with Summit ATR

Visit the Corral Bar


Big Sky from the Corral Bar Location

Buck Ridge Trail:
Book ahead, then Show Up and Ride.  Check in at Corral Bar, Steakhouse & Motel, then hit the trails.

42895 Gallatin Rd, Big Sky, MT 59730

Directions to Corral Bar

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