Harrison Lake

Harrison Lake

A local favorite for Sea-Doos west of Bozeman

Also called Willow Creek Reservoir, Harrison Lake is a great destination for split uses. Spend the day on the lake on Sea-Doos or hike into the canyon for small-stream fly fishing.

Location Details


50-minute drive from Summit ATR for nearest access points (Call 406-581-5086 for directions or more information)

All Skill Levels

Novice to expert

Lake description and things to know for this area:

  • Nice views of the Tobacco Root range
  • Popular with motorists and sailors
  • Hatches make dry fly fishing successful, but wet fly fishing is often productive
  • A good nesting area for migratory birds like sandhill cranes
  • Tent and trailer camping available — 7-day limit

Best Equipment for the Terrain:

Sea-Doo Spark for two riders or Sea-Doo GTI for three or hauling

What to bring:

Camera, GoPro, drinks, lunch/snacks, sunscreen, bug repellent and sunglasses.

Featured Equipment

Sea-Doo GTI Montana ATV Rentals

Rate: $230/day or $207/day with 3 days or more

Massive power and stability make this the perfect hauler for wakeboarding, waterskiing or even tubing. All this fun without sacrificing style.

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